Frequently Asked Questions

Mennyi hajat vásároljunk hajhosszabbításhoz, hajdúsításhoz?

The average amount of hair needed for hair extension is 10- 2 dkg but for thin hair, less is enough.

In the case of thick hair, more hair is needed.

Milyen póthajat válasszunk hajhosszabbításhoz, hajdúsításhoz?

It is important to choose hair extensions that match the texture of your own hair (considering whether your hair is thin, thick, straight, wavy, etc.). It is best to buy freshly cut European hair and ask for the help of an expert with the hair selection.
Only buy hair extensions from a reliable expert. Important! Do not buy packaged, bead weft, keratin bond, Indian hair mixed with artificial thread. It is best to have the selected hair in ponytails.

Hajhosszabbítás, hajdúsítás után mennyi ideig maradhat fent a haj?

Ideally, you can wear them for 2-3 months. After removal, the hair extension can be put back on several times.

Mennyi ideig hordható a póthaj?

If they are properly taken care of, 1.5-2 years.

Melyik a legkíméletesebb hajhosszabbítás?

The most gentle and comfortable hair extension and hair extension for volume techniques include Bellargo, microlink, and cold fusion technique. Modern, gentle, and invisible.

Mennyi időt vesz igénybe a hajhosszabbítás felrakás?

The time required to put in hair extensions/hair extensions for volume is 2-4 hours.

Kinek ajánlott a hajdúsítás?

Hair extensions for volume are excellent for boosting the volume of thin hair. The amount of hair extension added is 6-7 dkg. It provides a natural solution, and it blends very well with your hair.

Hogyan kezeljük a hosszabbított hajat?

The two most important rules are that no direct heat touches the fittings and that no chemicals are used when fitting the locks. If these rules are not followed, the bond is likely to melt, break, or the locks will slip. Please consult a specialist on hair care products that can be used safely on hair extensions.

After hair extensions, it is better to leave dyeing or perming to a specialist. As a qualified hairdresser, I work exclusively with professional materials that best suit your hair and extended hair.

Hogyan ápoljuk a póthajat?

Proper care for hair extensions is very important.

After washing your hair, apply a quality moisturizing hair mask, packs, hair oil every time. While sleeping, it is recommended to gather your hair into a loose ponytail.

Hajhosszabbítás, hajdúsítás után hogyan fésüljük a póthajat?

It is recommended to use a professional hairbrush that is exclusively intended for hair extensions, combing the hair twice a day. After washing your hair, never comb your hair while it is still wet. Always dry the fitting points and ends.

Festhető, vasalható, hullámosítható a póthaj?

Of course, it is possible to dye and color the hair extensions, but it is always better to leave it to a professional! It is important not to apply packing cream or balm on the inserted parts, as the locks may slip. When ironing hair, you must be careful with the parts inserted at the roots.

Kinek nem javasolt a hajhosszabbítás, a hajdúsítás?

Hair extensions and hair extensions for volume are not recommended in case of increased hair loss and for sensitive or unhealthy scalps or scalps with allergic reactions.

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